About Us

Since 1981


Being one of the leading firms in Turkey’s leading sector; textile, since 1981 and sprawled over an area of 52.000 square meter., Akbulut Group continues its effort to provide unconditional contribution to the national economy, by incorporating its companies in energy, REIT, agriculture and stock raising sectors in addition to its six other companies in the fields of sales marketing and apparel industry.

Having an important place in Turkey and around the world, Akbulut Textile is progressing on a solid foundation as a big family with its enterprising, innovative and visionary corporate structure, customer based approach and up-to-date and innovative management mindset.

Why choose AKBULUT Textile?

Since the day it was established, Akbulut Textile has always been a self-sufficient expert manufacturer and supplier, gathering all services under one roof which involve fabric design, selection and its supply.

With over 35 years of experience in the sector, Akbulut Textile is one step ahead of its competitors.

The success and quality of Akbulut Textile, has been approved by many important international customers who prefer it.

It works with high-tech, quality assured solution partners and other manufacturers in addition to our own lines.

Akbulut Textile is known for its reliability and financial stability. Customers’ designs are always in safe hands and we further provide customers with our own collections.

The quality management system is a tool to help improve the organization, the management systems and to provide solutions to the problems in manufacturing. Akbulut Textile believes that a quality management system is required for the success of a company; regardless of the size, structure and business maturity.