Our sustainability policy


  • Establishing long-term collaborations by prioritizing customer needs.
  • Using our resources correctly to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction.
  • Understanding expectations and requirements of the sector correctly and managing them properly.
  • Improving our technology and management systems in order to keep pace with innovations.
  • Carry out the risk analysis of all activities correctly, anticipating the possibilities and to take the measures in the fastest and most optimal way.

Our Quality Policy


  • Ensuring that quality standards are certified and continuously improved.
  • In pursuit of efficiency, complying with international standards in all production and management processes.
  • Manufacturing products with better quality through R&D work.
  • Carrying out systematic and planned studies in all processes and organize the training activities and ensure the continuous development of our staff in order to enhance the quality of our workforce.

1. Our Quality Documents and Certificates

The basic method of success is to establish a correct, fair and fast corporate philosophy. Independent of sector, size and structure; measurable management system ensures the establishment of a work flow and corporate values in the fastest  way.


Our Quality Policy is the development of our strengths and areas that are open to improvement with new and innovative solutions combined with the latest technologies of the era. With our solution-oriented visionary corporate philosophy, it is one of our principles to progress towards more advanced and success-oriented targets every year.

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2. Quality in Manufacturing

Quality Control is indispensable in the textile sector and Akbulut Textile does not compromise on this matter. Even if the product is in the prototype phase, the production processes are initiated after the pattern is made and the required quality controls are delivered to the ‘Quality Assurance Department’ and undesirable situations are eliminated through the selection of proper material and the use of proper manufacturing techniques.

Our Environmental Policy


  • Continuously raising our employees’ awareness about environmental health and environmental protection.
  • Using eco-friendly raw material during the manufacturing process.
  • Reducing the waste generated in our manufacturing processes and ensure their recycling.
  • Using our natural resources consciously and effectively.
  • Fulfilling our responsibility towards the society by complying with the legal regulations related to the environment.

 Our Human Resources Policy


  • Working with specialized personnel.
  • Promoting the personal and professional development of our experts.
  • Prioritizing the safety and occupational health of our employees and establishing systems to prevent occupational accidents.
  • Valuing the opinion of our personnel and ensure its contribution to corporate consciousness.